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ROTC program


Medical & Healthcare

NHA offers range of skill development programs including career training, health & safety, and emergency life support. The programs are specially designed to give the student’s knowledge as well as practical skills essential for success in jobs and professional career.

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School Program

Sports injury and accidents are not uncommon in school kids. School students must be train in First Aid to manage these injuries. Basic First Aid training is designed to enhance health and safety standards at schools. It emphases the importance of First Responder in case of medical emergencies. Students are equipped to support their friends, family and relatives during any such medical emergencies.


(GDA) is specially designed to equip healthcare work force to provide quality care to patients admitted in healthcare centres. After successful completion of this program the person is qualified enough to works efficiently in healthcare setup. They can start their careers as GDA and after gaining some experience they can take up bigger roles as Supervisor in multi speciality hospitals. .

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